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“...Well, it's been a long time coming, but we are pleased to say the brand new album from UK Prog-rock band Landmarq is now with us! And we can say that "Entertaining Angels" is being hailed as their finest album to date.

"...a triumph...full of power and passion..."
Geoff Barton, 'Classic Rock' magazine, UK May 2012

The band have pushed their songwriting skills to new heights and have crossed previously unexplored boundaries.

Vocalist Tracy Hitchings has pulled out all the stops to deliver some truly dazzling performances and has taken a more hands-on role with some stunning vocal arrangements.

Multi-talented keyboardist Mike Varty has also brought his production and mixing skills to the band and along with excellent performances from guitarist Uwe D'Rose, drummer Dave Wagstaffe and bassist Steve Gee, we are pleased to say that Landmarq have truly returned with a product to please old and new fans alike.

"...Without doubt, "Entertaining Angels" is the strongest album of their career...” - Nick Shilton, 'PROG' magazine, UK - March 2012

The band are also proud to include guest appearances from, among others, cellist Hugh McDowell (ELO, Wizzard) and saxophonist Laurent Hunziker (Logicaltramp, Tiptop, Gino Sitson).

Aside from brand new compositions, the album also includes new studio recordings of material first released on the bands critically-acclaimed DVD and CD, "Turbulence - Live In Poland".

All in all, "Entertaining Angels" will be a worthy addition to all discerning lovers of not just Prog-rock, but simply good music!...”

Kay Fields, 2012

“…’Entertaining Angels’ is being hailed as their finest album to date...”


Landmarq Entertaining Angels cover by Alan Winterflood