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Produced by
Mike Varty and Landmarq

Recording engineered by
Steve Rispin at
Liscombe Park Studio, Bucks, UK

Pre-production engineering by
Mike Varty at
Gargoyle Studio, Hampshire, UK

Mixed by
Karl Groom and Mike Varty at
Thin Ice Studio, Surrey, UK

Mastered by
Mike Varty

Album cover artwork:
Alan Winterflood

Booklet design concept & photos:
Tracy Hitchings and Mike Varty
Layout and additional design:
Steve Gee and Cheryl-Lee Foulsham (ODC)

Band photography:
Steve Gee

Angel photo:
Maria Lundy

Executive production:
Martin Darvill
(QEDG Management)

Tracy Hitchings - lead and backing vocals
Uwe Drose - electric & acoustic guitars
Steve Gee - 4/5/6 & fretless basses, b/voc
Mike Varty - piano/keys, violin, viola, b/voc
Dave Wagstaffe - drums & percussion, b/voc

All arrangements by Landmarq
Backing vocals arranged by Tracy Hitchings
except “Mountains of Anglia” b/v’s arranged by
Steve Gee, Tracy Hitchings, Steve Rispin and
“Personal Universe” b/v’s arranged by
Steve Gee, Tracy Hitchings

Guest Appearances:

Hugh McDowell -  Cello

Laurent Hunziker - Saxophone (Ten/Alt/Sop)
(Entertaining Angels, Glowing,
Mountains of Anglia, Prayer)

Suzanne Parry - b/vocals
(Entertaining Angels, Spiderman)

Sam Collins - b/vocals
(Mountains Of Anglia)

1. Entertaining Angels (8:31)
     (D’Rose, Hitchings)
2. Glowing (pt.I - Friends) (4:05)
     (D'Rose, Hitchings)
3. Glowing (pt.ii - Lovers) (8:12)
     (D'Rose, Hitchings)
4. Mountains Of Anglia (8:56)
5. Personal Universe (7:53)
     (Gee, Hitchings)
6. Prayer (Coming Home) (5:38)
     (Gee, Hitchings)
7. Turbulence (Paradigm Shift) (12:32)
     (D'Rose, Hitchings)
8. Calm Before The Storm (16:11)
     i. Strange But Beautiful*
        (D’Rose, Hitchings, Varty)
    ii. Spiderman
   iii. From The Abyss
Bonus CD
1. Walking On Eggshells (6:56)
(D’Rose, Hitchings)

2. Timeline (5:54)
(Carrera, D’Rose, Gee, Hitchings)

3. Stormbrewing (2:09)

4. Thunderstruck (13:23)
(Carrera, D’Rose, Gee, Hitchings)